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Emily Smith

Firm Director/Trial Coordinator



Contact Information


(202) 223-8888

(202) 734-9691


(202) 370-7353

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About Emily Smith

As the Firm Director and Trial Coordinator at Marino Finley LLP, Emily operates the business of the firm. More importantly, she works alongside a team of experienced and dedicated litigators who handle complex and high-stakes cases in various areas of law and deliver excellent results for our clients. With over 15 years of work experience in the legal field, Emily has developed strong skills in case management, investigation, trial preparation and in-court presentation. Crucial to our firm's in-court presentation of cases, she works alongside the trial attorneys in court and administrative hearings throughout the United States and overseas, in the process gaining a reputation amongst judges, attorneys and clients for her ability and effectiveness as a key trial team member. 

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