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About Our Firm

How We Think

How We Think

The Greek word “hero” has been said to mean “protector”, “defender”, “guardian,” but has also come to symbolize any activity characterized by courage and the will for self-sacrifice for some greater good, including moral excellence.

We became lawyers to obtain justice for our clients or to defend them at their most difficult moments, when they are faced with the biggest challenges of their lives. We have found that all too often those goals are irrelevant to the discussion in law firms. In our experience in large firms, we seldom saw “courage” or “self-sacrifice” rewarded. Yet, they are the attributes often most required to take on difficult but important causes and to defend and represent people who face institutions with limitless resources.

Understanding that the chief concern of some lawyers today seems to be risk-free maximization of their income, often at the cost of their clients, we have rejected that model and we started this firm to do something different. We have put an emphasis on applying the skills we have acquired over these many years, in large firms and small, in courtrooms all over this country, to achieving our clients’ goals through true partnerships with them.

To emphasize–not billable hours or realization rates–but success and achievement of our clients’ goals in the face of risk, uncertainty and difficulty.  To reward sacrifice, agility, selflessness, and courage rather than greed or short-term financial reward. To focus more on winning victories for our clients than maximizing firm profits; to be successful when our clients are successful. To achieve what some say the ancient Greeks defined as true happiness, “the full use of one’s powers along lines of excellence.”

Washington DC
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